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2021 was like

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Some recurring themes this year are self-empowerment, assertiveness and letting go.

Time spent in fixing mistakes is time wasted. When you could have spent less time avoiding the mistake in the first place. Take controlled risk. — Somewhere online

I have the tendency to hoard for backup so I have the option when the primary one fails (buy the same camera/headphones) but that means I’m forgoing a better future for a comfortable present. — Probably Me

Life never runs out of waves to shake you. But while it isn’t easy, you do learn to surf better. — charlie_wonka on Reddit, probably

Hatred is a curse that does not affect the hated. It only poisons the hater. Release a grudge as if it was a poison. — Probably Reddit

If you can move on and not care about them, it is good for your personal development. Your life is about you. Life without mistakes isn’t life, but a fairy tale. — Maybe me?

Fuck-ups happen. Some people make it their mission in life to make sure that whenever a fuck-up happens, somebody will suffer. Don’t be that person, and don’t let that person get to you. They’re an ass. — Probably Reddit

Spend time avoiding mistakes, not fixing them. — Probably Me

You don’t have to be young to feel young. — Probably Me

擅自期待,又因期望落空而擅自嬲怒,實在難看。 — Probably Me

他说,很多时候人们从同一点出发,有人会勉强自己做一些事,有了第一次还有第二次;而有人一开始就别扭,坚持初心,有了第一次,也会有第二次,时间一长,必然越走越远。 — 京都古书店风景

By the way, I should get better in recording sources of these tips.

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