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Fixing the deployment to Openshift error of Hexo

Posted on  by Tommy Ku

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I have always wanted to bail out of php or at least get to learn something new. When I first looked into Node.js, I want to know what it is capable of, and how it was done.

The first thing I found was Hexo, a static site generator written in Node.js. It’s setup and configuration are smooth and easy until I deploy it to Openshift’s DIY cartridge.

[info] Start deploying: openshift
[error] Error: ENOENT, open '/var/www/html/hexo/diy/testrubyserver.rb'
Error: ENOENT, open '/var/www/html/hexo/diy/testrubyserver.rb'

So this is the first “What the…” moment I have with Hexo. The site isn’t going to be deployed because (I assume) the DIY cartridge needs that testrubyserver.rb in order to function.

A skim through the hexo/lib/plugins/deployer/openshift.js shows something like:

    /* this is where it went wrong */
    file.copyFile(blogDir+'/testrubyserver.rb', publicDir); 
    file.rmdir(blogDir, next);
    file.copyDir(publicDir, blogDir, next);
    /* this is where it reports error */
    var commands = [
      ['add', '-A', baseDir],
      ['add', '-A', blogDir],
      ['commit', '-m', commitMessage(args)],
      ['push', remote, branch, '--force']

    async.eachSeries(commands, function(item, next){
      run('git', item, function(){
    }, next);
], callback);

Changing the line

file.copyFile(blogDir+'/testrubyserver.rb', publicDir); 


file.copyFile(blogDir+'/testrubyserver.rb', publicDir+'/testrubyserver.rb');

will solve the problem.

Interestingly when the issue is still open on Github, the author has already went on to rewrite the whole thing. For anyone like me who pulled the older version Hexo 2.8.3 from npm, you are looking into this page for a fix.

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